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Light structure, but still robust and easy to install. It is a versatile product which fits the aesthetical needs of the clients, complying with the EN 81-41 norms about the accessibility to all.

Main specifications

- Walls made with metallic panels in reinforced sheet steel.
- Lighting with low energy consumption, preinstalled and prewired, with LED spotlights inserted in the side eaves
- Car operating panel, column type, prepared fr the insertion of push buttons and plates
- Handrail/Handle, round section, metallic with chrome finish, under the car operating panel
- Floor covered with plastic materiale, coloured as chosed in the standard range, with fixings for the car frame, and stainless steel sills and profiles
- Roof covering complete with fixings fo the car frame, not to be walked on
- Mirror on demand
- Ventilation conforming EN 81-20/50 rules

Alternatives available

Enamel painted
Powder painted panels, with chosen RAL colours, easy to be cleaned

Plasticated sheet steel
Panels made in plasticated sheet steel in 4  standard colours, simple and competitive

Colori lamiere plastificate

Plastic laminate Panels covered with plastic laminate, for whom doesn’t want to give up with elegance. More than 100 colours and finishes are available with this material.

Wood treated with fire retardand
Panels covered with wood, a precious finish to complete prestigious ambiances

Colori laminati plastici

Stainless steel for whom prefers a modern “technological” look. Various finishings are available: flax, checkers, skin, 5WL, 2 WL
Decorated stainless steel panels covered in decorated stainless steel, which is a vandal proof materiale, due to its peculiar resistance to skratches. Some different finishes are available: satin, bright, and Scocht brite

Electrocoloured stainless steel panels covered with electrocoloured stainless steel, which is sometime considered the most prestigious material. Several colours and finishes are available to be chosen.

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